Winning Eleven 2020 Apk + OBB

wassup kulett lovers ! i have one of the most iconic soccer games of all times. Winning Eleven 2020 is an amazing game that has captured the minds of many gamers and the trending latest game, its a must to have game if you love the sport football


What is Winning Eleven 2020 Apk + OBB

gamersWinning Eleven is a game involving Two teams of Winning Elevens who try to maneuver the ball into the other team’s goal without using their hands or arms. The team that scores more goals wins. Winning Eleven is the world’s most popular ball game in numbers of participants and spectators, There are amazing skills in the game like Box Blast which is the best exercise  to improve  explosive power in your hips and legs to execute perfect football skills on the ground in the game, Base Rotation ,Drag Backs ,Ball Mastery Drill ,Blocking and Tackling.


The game is an amazing intense field game with eleven unique players and an amazing green field, a family of team team sports that involves kicking a ball to score a goal . Winning Elevens have common rules  like Touchdown 6 points whereby  a  touchdown is scored when a team crosses the opposition’s goal line with the ball, or catches or collects the ball in the end zone  

 The best tactics to use to win a match in Winning Elevens is If a referee signals a goal before the ball has passed wholly over the goal line, the match is restarted with a dropped ball your team scoring the greater higher of goals is the winner. If both teams score no goals or an equal number of goals the match is drawn. in the game one of the best way to beat a good team is to Keep a positive attitude, Sometimes the game is lost even before it is played ,  no surrender!  don’t surrender in a match ,If the opposition is better than you then it’s going to be an onslaught don’t  forget to attack don’t  lose your focus however your smartly use of your control pad can score you goals and win tournaments and trophies. its an offline and online game

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Features of Winning Eleven 2020 Apk + OBB

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Here are amazing features , excellent gameplay graphics of Winning Eleven 2020 Apk + OBB
  • Winning Eleven has great tons of modes and amazing gameplay
  • The game has great 3D high quality graphics and amazing sound quality
  • it has lots of amazing great iconic  features
  • you are enabled to play against an AI opponent one on one and online with friends and other players
  • No Ads available  in the game

Game Modes

screen 4
Create A Club
In the create a club mode you will be able to choose your own club name the and stadium your club plays it’s matches in and you will have the option to design your own logo and kits. With the create a club mode you can join an replacing an existing club, meaning you will inherit some things from that club
Tatics Mode
In Tactics Mode you can create a playing system that links your team formation to a particular style of play like attacking or counterattacking, slow or quick tempo, short or long passing, teamwork or individualistic play and also Defend as a unit ,Be organized ,Pick a formation that suits the players in the team, Attack through the middle ,Follow attacker’s runs as a defender, quick short passing
Stay goal-side while defending
Online Mode
Online  mode in Winning Eleven 2020 offers ranked online matches and the most competitive gameplay. As you play through friendly matches, try to earn enough points to avoid relegation and gain promotion to the next match  and  even win a trophy in the matches

Details On Winning Eleven 2020 Apk + OBB

App NameWinning Eleven
DeveloperAndrokim (konami)
Online/Offlineonline, offline
Requirement 4.2 +
Get it OnGoogle Play
Last UpdateJanuary 27, 2022
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How To Download Winning Eleven 2020 Apk + OBB

Here are detailed guidelines to help you download Winning Eleven 2020
  • Firstly,  download the APK file and OBB data.
  • Click on the play store app on your mobile device . To be enabled to play the game , go to your settings and grant permission to unknown sources
  • Then ,Extra the file from the zip folder using a competent file extractor then extract the APK and OBB files
  •  Move the OBB data you extracted to the OBB folder.  Your Android folder is where you’ll find it.
  • Install the APK file and find the game icon and start playing

Download Now 1Conclusion on Winning Eleven 2020 Apk + OBB

 Winning Eleven 2020   game fans is a game with more realistic and dynamic gameplay, fully optimized for great experiences.  This game is a must have game to download to have fun with families and friends. Please remember to inform your friends about this amazing intense realistic football,  Winning Eleven 2020 Apk & Obb game of all time. Please follow up to get updated on new and exciting game As you download your favorite game, Winning Eleven 2020 ,  please share this post with your friends and families.

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