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Aware of the latest horror Mod Apk, It’s an immensely multiplayer horror and best-selling survival game which comes with many characters and has excellent gameplay, graphics, great sound quality, and incredibly convenient and simple controls. Specimen Zero has its uniqueness attached to it, that is what makes the game so special, its features with multiple downloads, Specimen Zero has made a name for itself. so fans let’s look deeper into the game of the day.

What Is Specimen Zero Mod Apk?Specimen Zero Beginners Guide

Specimen Zero is an iconic game developed by Café Studio, It’s a free multiplayer horror arcade game. The gameplay is on a realistic open-world survival horror game that involves different tactics to escape or survive a haunted hospital, which adds a twist on the genre by allowing players to escape from the zombies and other monsters that might cross their path.

The game provides a realistic survival-horror gameplay experience packed with mind-bending puzzles, dimly lit rooms, and tons of jump scares. it involves different tactics to escape or survive a haunted hospital, If you are brave enough to venture into spooky rooms, creepy laboratories, and secret areas, then Specimen Zero is the game for you. Explore a rundown hospital and escape the clutches of its ghastly resident Specimen zero game is about survival.

To escape the building, players have to keep an eye on the building map. In order to be able to play the Specimen Zero game with friends, you need to create a private room and give it a name and your friend has to join your private room.

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Features Of Specimen Zero Apk

Here are iconic features of this fascinating horror game of all time Specimen Zero

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The main point of the game is the whole setting of this game is horrific which makes it more realistic than expected to capture your attention and lots of suspense featured in it, not knowing what will happen next while trying to escape or kill monsters in the game and most fascinating part of Specimen Zero Mod Apk is exploring the horrifying corners in the game such as horrifying dark areas, secret tunnels, petrifying hospitals, distorted laboratories, and unidentified creepy objects and not knowing what’s going to show up in front of you in a matter of seconds

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There are iconic skills available in the game in which you can use to escape in times of danger by collecting valuable life-saving skills like batteries, flashlights, guns, cameras, and many more. Making loud sounds in the game will attract the monster towards you, so try as much as possible to be district and very quiet so as not to get caught by the monster if not you have a chance of getting killed by the monster so by collecting diverse objects and items you can use it as a means of escape and after escaping from the monster then you can go through any direction to exit the building.


High-quality HD  realistic graphics and quality sound effect which provides the players great and fun gameplay. The incredible graphics quality enhances a great thrilling experience because you get to experience the game and feel part of it and its realistic horrifying room can instantly increase your heartbeat and fear the dark and feel the horror.

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To be able to play a multiplayer mode in Specimen Zero with friends and family you have to create a private room and give it a name and your friend has to join your private room and plan out a unique strategy in order to destroy the monster and escape, in order to win and end a multiplayer mode you need to find four iconic items such as a crowbar, screwdriver, yellow card, and pills. To find these items you have to check every corner of the building without being noticed by the monster.

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The game is filled with lots of terrifying horror events and objects in which there are many secrets waiting to be discovered. Its currently the ultimate test of fortitude, especially for horror lovers. This horror game is full of horrifying and creepy objects, events, and terrifying characters to get out of and there are several mystifying creatures and terrible mysteries in the chambers. its a struggle of survival to come out of the building eliminating the monster. Always remember to watch your back


There are various levels to be played in this game which includes the standard model in which the enemies move at a normal pace and the Hard and Nightmare mode, and don’t expect this level to be easier because it’s actually much harder and tougher. Anyways there’s a wide range of resources medications, batteries, and motorcycles. In order to find the special key in each level find the key in the bathroom or in the cabinets. Go in search of it in the bathroom or cabinets. If you haven’t found the key then you will need to renew the game and try again and again until you find one.

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Specimen Zero Details

App NameSpecimen Zero
PublisherCafé Studio
GenreHorror, Action
Size76.30 Mb
Latest Version1.0.5
MOD InfoGod Mode/Everything Unlocked/Keys
Get it OnGoogle Play
Last UpdateMay 22, 2022

How To Download Specimen Zero Mod Apk

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  • When you click Install, the Android smartphone will complete the installation process.
  • Enjoy and start playing the incredible Specimen Zero
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Summary on Specimen Zero

Specimen Zero game fans is a game with more realistic and dynamic gameplay, fully optimized for great experiences. This game is a must-have game download and experience loads of fun with families and friends. Please remember to inform your friends about this amazing intense realistic action horrifying game,  Specimen Zero of all time.

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