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Pursuit Force PPSSPP ISO is a 2005 action game developed by Bigbig Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, the game has an excellent review, making the game Top Notch with its amazing graphics.

You can play the Pursuit Force PPSSPP ISO game on Andriod, Pc, IOS devices, and Mac. Follow the detailed instructions below and download Pursuit Force PPSSPP ISO here on KuLett.   

What is Pursuit Force PPSSPP ISO

Pursuit Force PPSSPP 2

Pursuit Force PPSSPP ISO is all about a police agent who is assigned to take care of the ongoing crimes and bad gangs causing havoc in the Capital city. The police agent is a member of an exclusive Law enforcement agency that focuses on doing one thing well which is making indirect armed meetings with criminals, either on foot or on speeding cars, making sure the city is safe and crime-free.

The Pursuit Force’s main mission is to eradicate threats created by gangs in control of Vehicle-related crimes and eliminate their leaders, one of the gangs is called The Capelli Family and it is the oldest gang and most powerful mafia family.  The family’s huge power has captivated increasing numbers of hardened criminals to join their group, with their leader Don Capelli who renders no mercy to anyone that tries to get in his way, he is one of the most feared men in Capital city.
The second gang is called Warlords and they are paid soldiers who are causing havoc in the state in search of power and political goals, their leader is General Ric Jigsawn, he makes rude attacks on both military and non-military-related targets and is also equipped with the latest military weapons and equipment.


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Information On Pursuit Force PPSSPP ISO

Pursuit 2

App Name

Pursuit Force

DeveloperBigbig Studios
Genre Action/Racing
PlatformPSP Console
Last UpdateJanuary 27, 2022


Features of Pursuit Force PPSSPP ISO

Pursuit Force PSP

  • The game comes with different game modes which are very accessible and fun to play making it hard to easily get tired of the game.
  • In Pursuit Force PPSSPP ISO there are over 55 different vehicles in the game.
  • In the Career mode, there are over 30 cases for the players to close.
  • The Pursuit Force PPSSPP ISO has a well-ordered, reasonable, and sound graphic.


Characters In Pursuit Force PPSSPP ISO


This is a list of just the character in pursuit force

  • The Cop– He is the main character in the game who has now been promoted.
  • The Chief– He established the Pursuit Force and gives the order, he is basically in charge.
  • Sarah Hunter-She worked as a helicopter pilot for the Pursuit Force.
  • Gage– He is the support driver to the cop, he performs several stunts, and he’s very good at what he does.
  • Preach– He is the main gunman, he is very good with machine guns and can take down a whole lot of people.
  • Ashley– She places explosives and acts as cover fire for the rest of the group.
  • Lucy– She serves as the new Helicopter Pilot and Informer and also took the responsibility of the chief when he was ill.
  • Dr. Pertwee– He creates weapons and enhances their car.
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The Gameplay of Pursuit Force PPSSPP ISO

Pursuit Force PPSSPP 1

The Player controls the cop in fighting enemies on foot, in a car, motorcycle speedboats, helicopters and so much more. Players can earn different ranks which automatically unlock new missions and players can regenerate their health when they get massive attacks from the enemies.

The player character can shoot, jump over things, perform little stunts and leap into enemy vehicles. The gameplay also features a race mode, you can race against gang members and there is a time trial, where you have to finish the race in a given time.

How To Download Pursuit Force PPSSPP ISO

If you don’t know how to download Pursuit Force PPSSPP ISO, then follow all the detailed information provided below.

    • Click on the download button below, to download the highly compressed version of the game.
    • The PPSSPP emulator and Zarchiver applications are needed to enable you to finish the download.
    • Download the two applications, to be enabled to use the Zarchiver
    • The ISO file will be in the zip archive.
    • Download the ISO file. and extract the file, once it is completed, Install Pursuit Force PPSSPP ISO on your device.
    • Enjoy, play the game and have fun.

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Conclusion on Pursuit Force PPSSPP ISO

The Pursuit Force takes down hardened criminals that cause havoc in Capital City, with the help of the other associates in the force the cop finds it much easier to bring them to justice.

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