Prototype 1 PPSSPP ISO Welcome Gamers, You can download prototype 1 PPSSPP ISO for free, KuLett provides highly compressed PPSSPP games for free. Prototype 1 PPSSPP ISO is an action-adventure game that is quite addictive, with a very fascinating storyline.

This game was published on June 9, 2009, Prototype 1 PPSSPP ISO was a commercial success, with reviewers praising the game for its creativeness and brilliance it has so many wonderful reviews. You can play the Prototype 1 PPSSPP ISO game on Andriod, Pc, IOS devices, and Mac.

Follow the detailed instructions below and download Prototype 1 PPSSPP ISO here on KuLett.  

What is Prototype 1 PPSSPP ISO

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The storyline is quite captivating, it begins in Manhattan when Alex Mercer the protagonist of the game wakes up in a mortuary in a basement filled with scientists performing an autopsy on him. Military operatives immediately raid the place and gun down the scientist.

Alex Mercer escapes but was attacked and got shot in the chest, he leaps to a wall for safety. Alex Mercer then discovers he now possesses shapeshifting abilities, speed, superhuman strength, senses, and so much more exciting powers. He had no memory of his previous life, he decides to find out and uncover the truth about everything.

Alex Mercer had two Obstacles which were the United States Marine and Blackwatch a special unit that stops the mutation of the virus blacklight that creates a monster. The entire town was infected with this virus, Alex Mercer will then have to be strong and take up the responsibility to cleanse the town. Manhattan slowly recovers from the virus, Alex stands on top of the Reuters Building in Times Square happily, views that his work is almost done.  

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Information On Prototype 1 PPSSPP ISO

App NamePrototype 1 PPSSPP ISO
DeveloperRadical Entertainment
PlatformPSP Console
Last UpdateJanuary 27, 2022


Features of Prototype 1 PPSSPP ISO

Prototype 1 PPSSPP ISO


  • The setting is based in Manhattan.
  • It’s an open-world game, that gives players the freedom to roam in manhattan.
  • The visuals and sounds are quite amazing too.
  • The most powerful creatures in the game are the Evolved hunters which are extremely hard for Alex to kill.
  • Prototype 1 PPSSPP ISO has a very addictive Story Line.


The Gameplay of Prototype 1 PPSSPP ISO

Prototype 1 PPSSPP

The player controls the protagonist Alex Mercer, who has so many awesome superpowers and abilities. He quickly regains health by consuming the energy of his enemies, with his incredible physical strength that can kill most humans in a single punch.

Alex Mercer can see through smokes and obstacles with his thermal, He can take weapons from defeated enemies. He can also seize and take total control of military vehicles, such as helicopters and tanks.  

How To Download Prototype 1 PPSSPP ISO

If you don’t know how to download Prototype 1 PPSSPP ISO, then follow all the detailed information provided below.

    • Click on the download button below, to download the highly compressed version of the game.
    • The PPSSPP emulator and Zarchiver applications are needed to enable you to finish the download.
    • Download the two applications, to be enabled to use the Zarchiver
    • The ISO file will be in the zip archive.
    • Download the ISO file. and extract the file, once it is completed, Install Prototype 1 PPSSPP ISO on your device.
    • Enjoy, play the game and have fun.
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Conclusion on Prototype 1 PPSSPP ISO

Prototype 1 PPSSPP ISO In my opinion is a very fascinating game, Alex Mercer is a powerful shapeshifter who must stop an outbreak of a deadly virus called the Blacklight, a virus that mutates humans into dreadful monsters.

This game is a must-have game to download to have fun with families and friends. Please remember to inform your friends about this amazing action-adventurous Prototype 1 PPSSPP ISO game of all time.

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