The Bosch Pre-Masters Scholarships are on offer from Robert Bosch GmbH in Germany. The scholarships merge theory with practice, giving you room to spend time working in the company and then study for your master’s degree.

Robert Bosch GmbH is a global frontrunner in engineering and electronics and has its HQ near Esslingen.

The Bosch Pre-Masters Scholarship program comprises of two phases – practical work in their company, and after that, study at a university.

While on ground at Bosch, you take on tasks related to your area that will later on form the focal point of your master’s degree studies, e.g. manufacturing, product development, or marketing. Based on when you begin, this phase can take up to 12 months. You are afforded a broad introduction to their establishment and attend a minimum of one dedicated workshop reflecting your pursuits. While becoming comprehensively acquainted with everyday and project business in your area, you also obtain an idea of what is happening in related fields.

With your hands-on experience as a launch pad, you then get on with your master’s degree program and pursue your preferred concentration. In this period also, you can count on the company’s specialized guidance on the hands-on side of things.

Worth of Bosch Pre-Masters Scholarship

  • Expand your professional proficiencies with the tasks allotted to you.
  • Gain from excellent professional and personal guidance.
  • Sign a fixed-term contract valid until your graduation, and get payment for your services.
  • Clear the way to an encouraging beginning to your career – many Pre-Master candidates become Bosch associates instantly after graduating.
  • Expand your knowledge in professional conferences, for example, on quality management or engaging in negotiations.
  • Get membership in their scholar program, students@bosch, which functions as a top-class network and facilitates career growth.
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Eligibility for Bosch Pre-Masters Scholarship

  • They welcome candidates from all over the world. You are required to possess a strong comprehension of the German language and have an intention of doing your master’s program at a German university.
  • You concluded your bachelor’s degree qualification in Computer Science or Engineering, the Natural Sciences or business field with outstanding grades and have an intention of getting your master’s degree.
  • Apart from distinction in your technical field, you also bring these personal attributes to the table:
  • Pioneering strength and readiness to learn
  • Goal-orientation and ambition
  • A sense of responsibility and the ability to work autonomously
  • Initiative and a high level of commitment
  • Team spirit and social skills
  • A cosmopolitan outlook
  • Good English skills; other international languages are an advantage

How to Apply for Bosch Pre-Masters Scholarship

  • Please apply with the use their online application form, which you will locate on every Bosch Pre-Masters Scholarship publication.
  • All your credentials can be submitted as file attachments (resume, covering letter, references, etc.).
  • After an initial selection based on the written applications, applicants will be asked to an interview with an HR associate and the supervisor of the applicable specialist department.
  • As part of the interview procedure, the applicant frequently also has the chance to meet a few co-workers and create an impression of the working environment.

The Bosch Pre-Masters Scholarship award is comprised of two segments – hands-on work in their establishment, followed by study toward a master’s degree qualification. The hands-on segment last typically twelve months but sometimes may not be that long. The length and commencement date are decided on an individual basis. The succeeding master’s degree program typically lasts for two years (four semesters). All in all, the Pre-Master Program is planned to extend across a maximum of three years.

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Since the winter semester of 2017/2018 academic session, candidates from non-European nations are required to provide tuition fees in Baden-Württemberg and Sachsen of 1,500 euros per semester.