Although there are reasons to be concerned about immigration, it is generally beneficial to the American economy. In the United States, immigration and immigration policy have never been hotter subjects.

The 25 jobs that now employ the most foreign-born workers are listed below.

1.Security service

According to Indeed’s research, new Americans fill around 8% of the economy’s protective service occupations. Security guards and associated jobs are included in this category.

2.Social and community service

Immigrants account for 10% of occupations in the community and social service sector. Occupations can include anybody who works for a relief agency or a community group, despite the fact that this category is extremely broad in scope.

3.Administrative and office work

Work in a mind-numbing office may be tedious, but it pays well and has a consistent schedule. These are most likely only a few of the reasons why foreigners account for 11% of office-related jobs.


Approximately 11% of the immigrant labor is employed by extraction companies that specialize in extracting natural resources such as oil.


If it hasn’t already been obvious, immigrants hold positions from the bottom to the top of the corporate ladder. In fact, many of them progress to managerial roles or are qualified for them straight away. And the numbers plainly reflect this, with immigrants presently holding 13% of the country’s managerial posts.

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Installation, maintenance, or “repair,” as Indeed refers to it, is a 14 percent immigrant-dominated sector. This encompasses a wide range of jobs including the repair or installation of just about anything.

7.Health-care professionals

Doctors are in short supply in the United States, and many immigrants are filling the gap. According to Indeed’s study, 15 percent of the country’s healthcare practitioners and technicians are foreign-born.


Transportation is a massive sector that employs a lot of people. Taxi and personal drivers, delivery drivers, and truckers are among those who enjoy the privilege of working in America’s most prevalent employment. According to Indeed, foreigners hold 19 percent of transportation employment.

9.Individualized attention and service

The personal care and service industry, which employs more than 20% of foreign employees, is another highly broad group. Hairdressers, concierges, and childcare workers are among the jobs that fall under this category.

10.Food and drink

Immigrants account for 22% of workers in the food and beverage industry, which includes everything from restaurant employment to food manufacturing. This is a wonderful thing because it allows us to sample a variety of great meals from across the world.

11.Mathematical computations

Other nations are emerging as a valuable source of talent in everything requiring computing and math. Newcomers make up 24% of the workforce in this industry.

12.Construction and upkeep

Although it appears that we’ve already covered both construction and maintenance, Indeed lists it as a separate category. 35% of these occupations are held by newcomers.


The military is the one who gets things started. Immigrants fill around 5% of military-specific employment in the United States. This frequently refers to civilian jobs in the military, such as management positions. Non-citizen immigrants, on the other hand, can join the military if they satisfy specific conditions.

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Immigrants account for around 8% of the legal workforce. Clerks and attorneys are two examples of specific occupational positions in this area.


Education is one area that benefits from immigration, with immigrants filling about 11% of employment. Administrative positions, teachers, librarians, and other professionals fall under this category.

16.Operations in the business

Indeed calls this group “business operations specialists,” which may imply a lot of different things. Typically, you may think of it as someone who works in the business with a specialty, such as analysis, or as someone who knows how to use a certain piece of software. Immigrants account for 11% of these positions.

17.Sports, media, and art

According to sources, “art, design, entertainment, sports, and media” are all one huge industry, with foreign employees accounting for 13% of the workforce.


Sale is a vast profession with a diverse range of people. Newcomers hold 13 percent of the country’s sales employment, similar to management positions.


According to Indeed, over 14% of our financial professionals come from other nations. People who sell insurance, investments, or work with money fall under this category.

20.Engineering and architecture

Architects and engineers have roles that are both valuable and respected. According to Indeed, 19% of them are foreign-born.

21.Support for health care

Nurses and administrators, for example, can help health care providers. In these sectors, 19% of the workers are not from the United States.

22.Life sciences, physical sciences, and social sciences

Scientists from different nations are increasingly arriving. Immigrants make up 21% of the workforce in the life, physical, and social sciences sectors in particular.

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Production is about as wide a term as you can get. We’ll presume that this encompasses manufacturing employment and other similar vocations for our purposes. Immigrants account for 23% of these jobs, according to Indeed.


In the construction business, people from other nations make up more than a quarter of the workforce. Immigrants account for 27% of the workforce in the business.

25.Agriculture, fishing, and forestry

The agricultural, fishing and forestry industries employ the most immigrants. In this business, immigrants make up 46% of the workforce.

Is your career truly in jeopardy because of immigration?

It’s unlikely unless your business is abusing the H1-B visa system or recruiting illegal workers to pay less than legal rates.

When it comes to determining which jobs and vocations attract the most immigrants, some are clearly more saturated than others. People who are educated, experienced, and motivated are also flocking to the United States, making employment in all sectors of the economy more competitive.

According to new research from Indeed, most immigrant employees are found in certain industries and positions. That is the industry with the largest percentage of foreign-born workers.